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i don’t know why but i needed this


Went to the Eagle Rock Swap Meet July 21. Went early this time and saw alot of Dimes, 2 S30s and a a couple of roadsters. Saw a couple of B210s. It seems like the SR20DET Swap is popular in the 510 scene.  There were a couple of trucks as well but that baby blue truck was probably the best looking whip in the show. The paint job was amazing and the body was super straight. The engine look great and the interior was spotless.

I also liked a 240z’s air filter box for his carbs, it had a plexi glass front so you can see the air horns. Thought that was cool

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krs-one puttin his tag out for the world to see

Portland, Oregon
RDM-Red Door Meet



by Javier Laspiur.

Me inner nerd is screaming.

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No wonder they named him weezing and little bruh koffing

peace and positivity here

Another BTS from the other day with @aaronxphillips. 💙