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20. Vallejo, CA. 707. Bay living. Taken by his Babu<3 Graf life. Skate life. Dab life. Just about that life in general. Weed Enthusiast. Freeway Freestyler. VW lover and owner.

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Mom: Home in 5 minutes, hope you’ve taken the chicken out of the freezer

Me: image

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KIDS 1995 full movie

You’re welcome.

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I wasn’t a big EM fan at all but this shows me he knows what real music and spit is.

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This scene was improvised, so ludacris’ reaction is genuine and dwayne didn’t have a line after tyrese said his.

Lmao .

Best shit is always improvised

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Top Gear in India 

How can you not like top gear?

I watched this the other week and was in literal tears

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